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Help me find what I need  

There are so many styles and materials to shape your body that it can be confusing to select the correct one. We will guide you on the process to select the body shaper that better suits your needs.

Answer these two questions and we will give you a selection of items that match your needs 
follow these steps:

Question #1. What do you prefer?  

A body shaper that makes you sweat and burn fat while making you look thinner

A body shaper that makes you look thinner while you wear it but does not make you sweat.

Question #2. Which areas of your body need improvement? 

Waist or abdomen only

Hips, buttocks or thighs only

Full body (abdomen and buttocks or abdomen and thighs)

Back or posture


Step 1. Decide which body shapers better suit your needs

Step 2. Learn more about the materials

Step 3. Buy them, wear them, enjoy them, recommend them to others and come again for more


Read more about our body shapers

If you still have any questions, contact us

Step 1. Decide which body shapers better suit your needs

What do you need?

For Post Surgery or Post-Liposuction use. We have a full line of body shapers recommended by the doctors and perfect for use after surgery.

For Postpartum use. postpartum corsets

For general use

  • Reduce your tummy. If you need the strongest control and want to reduce your abdomen and waist through sweat, our corset is the best option for you. See more corsets. If you prefer it to be thinner and not to have hooks nor zipper, click on
  • waist and tummy slimmers

  • Reduce your tummy and mold the lower body. If you want to reduce your abdomen and waist through sweat but you also need to control your hips, legs or lift your buttocks, see our full body slimmers.

  • Shape your waist, abdomen and hips. Look better while you wear it. If you need to shape your waist, abdomen or hips but you don't want to sweat, click on upper body

  • Shape your hips, thighs and buttocks. Look better while you wear it. If you need to shape your legs or lift your buttocks, click on lower body

  • Shape your full body. If you need to shape your whole body, click on full body shapers

  • Wear comfortably. If you are looking for a body shaper that is comfortable and not too tight, click on medium control shapewear

  • To fit with your dress. If you need a strapless or straight back body shaper with removable straps, click on strapless body shapers

  • To control the upper back. If you need to control your upper back, we have some options with wide straps and upper backs at back shapers and back slimmers.

  • To correct your posture. If you need to correct your posture, we have several posture correctors.

  • Need a bigger size? These styles have a zipper and the material is more stretchable, click on bigger sizes with zipper.

  • You want your clothes to shape your body. See our butt lifter and tummy reducer jeans and our lycra spandex bodysuits and control tops. Nobody will know that your clothes are shaping you.


Step 2. Learn more about the materials
Control level 7
(Stronger control)
Totally made of latex with boning and hooks
Waist cincher body slimmer with straps
Strapless waist cincher body slimmer
Control level 6
Has latex all around
Topless underbust bodysuit
Control level 5
Has latex in the abdominal area only
Full body slimmer with latex
Underbust bodysuit with latex
Control level 4
Lycra only
Capri braless full body shaper
Topless body shaper
Control level 3
Stronger powernet
Kelly Powernet Body Shaper
Titi Powernet Body Shaper
Control level 2
Topless Powernet body capri with zipper
Powernet braless body shaper
Control level 1
(More comfortable)
Strapless Full Body Girdle Shaper

First of all, let us say what's the difference between a body shaper or "bodyshaper" and a body slimmer or "bodyslimmer"...

  • A body shaper or bodyshaper is any compression garment that holds everything in or lifts up any part of your body to make you look thinner and slender.

  • A body slimmer or bodyslimmer is a bodyshaper that additionally heats some areas of your body to make them sweat and reduce your measurements.

We have several materials...

  • Latex: Latex makes you sweat and reduce your measurements gradually. It is always covered with cotton/lycra in the bottom so your skin will not be in contact with the latex to avoid allergies. Sometimes it is also covered in the top. Some items are made of lycra and have latex in the abdominal area only (control level 5), other items have latex all around in the back and front from below the bra to the hips (control level 6). The corsets are totally made of latex and have boning and hooks to adjust them (control level 7). The more latex it has, the more it will make you sweat and the stronger control it will have because the latex does not stretch. All the items that have latex say "Thermal" or "Thermic" or "Latex" in the title or description. You should ask your doctor before buying any item with latex for use after surgery. The latex does not let your skin breath through.

  • Lycra: Control level: 4. Strong control while letting your skin breathe through. It will not make you sweat, and it will make you look thinner while you wear it. The material is similar to several layers of pantyhose. It is stronger than pantyhose but it is still delicate. It looks small, the material doesn't stretch easily and it's not easy to put on (you must pull it up from the bottom) but if you buy your correct size, you must be able to put it on and be comfortable. They don't have zipper and are completely seamless.

  • Powernet: Control levels 2 and 3. Medium control while letting your skin breathe through (will not make you sweat). It is thicker than lycra but more flexible and easier to put on. Some of them have a zipper. Recommended if the comfort is your priority or if you need a plus size.

  • Microfiber: Control level 1. Low control, does not make you sweat. Very comfortable and easy to wear. Makes you look smoother.


More information about our body shapers...

There are thong or tanga bodysuits. The tanga style is like a bikini but higher on the hips.

All the bodysuits have a snap crotch and all the full body shapers have an opening in the crotch area. You will never have to take all your clothes off.

All our bodyshapers and bodyslimmers can be washed in your washing machine in the delicate cycle. To prevent damages, do not use the hot dry.

You may wear them for fitness. It is not recommended to wear them while sleeping.

All the items, except the corsets, must be put on from the bottom and pulled up.


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